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Customer Experience

Customer Communication Management

Every customer expects every interaction with a brand to be easy, fast and rewarding. Quadient's CCM/CXM solution allows you to generate personalized and interactive communications, monitoring each interaction in real time, allowing you to make targeted decisions to enhance the customer experience.

Electronic Document Management

Enterprise Content Management

The constant technological changes lead us to the need to implement a fast and effective digital transformation strategy, focused on document management. We design customized electronic document management processes, using Hyland' s ECM platforms - OnBase / Alfresco / Nuxeo - which are easily integrated and allow secure access to business content at any time and from any device.

process automation

Robotic Process Automation

We implement bots that interact with internal business systems, websites, portals, desktop applications and other data sources. With Hyland RPA solutions, we automate repetitive, high-volume tasks such as extracting data, filling out forms or moving files, running around the clock with or without human assistance.

customer acquisition

Digital Onboarding

The current commercial dynamics requires the incorporation of new clients and users in an agile way and respecting the necessary guarantees regarding their identity. Digital Onboarding is a technological process that may include one or a combination of several tools such as Digital Signature, ID Validation, Facial Authentication, Biometrics, among others.

process design

Business Process Management

We analyse the processes in the different areas and incorporate technological and management tools to improve them. We use configurable workflows, with built-in approvals and customisable forms, in this way maximising business objectives and minimising risks.

document generation

Cloud Documents Delivery

From design to delivery, we create personalized experiences by developing on-demand digital communications and documents through each client's preferred channel. We ensure accountability for data privacy and maintain organizational order that translates into efficiency over time.


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